If you are a business in the mid-Atlantic region, and you want to optimize all aspects of your telecom services so that your staff can be freed up to do what they were hired to do, then we can help!

Our clients typically have an in-house IT staff, who are experts at running IT infrastructure and supporting day-to-day operations. But telecom often pulls them away from their area of expertise, costing you money in man-hours and longer than necessary outages. Further, your IT staff doesn’t deal with telecom every day so their lack of telecom-specific experience means that your staff doesn’t know how to get the best deals and rapid support.

Add our telecom experts to your company’s existing team when:

  • You want your staff to do the jobs they were hired for, not waste their time on telecom problems.
  • You’d like to save money on telecom expenses to fund IT projects.
  • You’re looking to control wireless expenses and utilization.
  • You need an expert to audit and optimize your existing services.
  • You need someone who can shorten the length of  your outages.
  • You need to know what services you have at each location, and when the term will auto-renew (or expire).
  • Your telecom invoices are a mess and, although you have opened billing disputes, they never seem to get resolved.
  • You’re facing major changes in your business whether through growing employee headcount, acquisition, or downsizing and you need an expert to analyze the telecom contracts, services, and costs in order to make educated telecom decisions for the new look of your organization.