Today’s increasingly mobile workforce and the migration of many popular business applications to the cloud are driving demand for secure, scalable and easy-to-manage cloud-based connectivity solutions.

Businesses of almost any size can EFFECTIVELY leverage cloud solutions to:

  • Achieve stronger security and data protection
  • Lower IT costs with less hardware and management
  • More easily access/connect to applications
  • Reduce time spent on lengthy setups and updates
  • Handle backup and disaster recovery remotely

There are a several different cloud connect approaches currently being employed by providers:

Direct End-to-End - These cloud connections are built by the carrier to offer private connectivity from the customer’s LAN to every cloud service provider the carrier reaches – typically the largest cloud service providers in the world – entirely over that single carrier’s private network. This is the fastest, most secure, and easiest to manage connection to the cloud.

Hybrid Direct & Equinix Cloud Exchange – These cloud connections utilize a mixture of direct connections to some cloud service providers and link to Equinix’s Cloud Exchange to access others.

Equinix Cloud Exchange - Using the Equinix Cloud Exchange requires a cross connect from the carrier to the Cloud Exchange within an Equinix data center.

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