Relocating an office or opening a new site is NEVER EASY or painless. 

In an ideal world, companies want to be able to close their old office close at 5 p.m. on Friday and be fully operational in the new location at 8 a.m. Monday morning - without missing a single customer call or email.

Pulling off this feat requires the relocation of voice and data services to be tightly coordinated. Equipment vendors and service providers must all be closely managed. All details must be painstakingly arranged and orchestrated. The best way to ensure your ideal outcome is to rely on the seasoned telecom professionals at TeleStrategy. Our expert assistance and proper advance planning will ensure your telecom service moves go SMOOTHLY and are completed ON SCHEDULE.

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TeleStrategy Moving Tip #1: Give Your Phone, Internet and Cable Vendors Plenty of Notice

80% of unexpected communications outages and cost overruns on office moves are caused by failure to properly plan voice, data and electrical installation in advance.

Internet and telephone connections typically require as much as six weeks advance notice to be installed, tested and ready the day you move in - sometimes much longer.

Just because the prior tenant had computers and telephones is no guarantee that the existing infrastructure is suitable for your systems. Advance planning will help you avoid costly expedite fees and/or temporary fixes.

If you are building a new office, don't leave it up to the builder to decide how many power outlets, network and phone connections you will need - or where to put them. Remember, changes and additions after the walls are up are at your expense. The old rule of thumb of one electrical outlet, one phone and one network connection per employee is woefully outdated in today's office environment.