One of the Smartest Business Decisions I Ever Made

Turning over all of my telecom to Telestrategy is the smartest business decision I ever made. Why? Nobody is an expert in everything so you need to find the expert resources in certain areas where you are not one or not as competent as you are in other aspects. Telecom itself and especially navigating the Telecom companies is an art and everything that Telestrategy has done for us over the years has continually proven that you are true artists in the field. One needs to focus on their core business and in order to do that you need to have partners that can handle all of the supporting pieces of the “puzzle”. With your service we have experienced many benefits: More free time to focus on core business, best negotiated prices, expertise from Telestrategy in pricing where I do not pay for all the hidden costs that the Telecom companies sneak onto the service after the fact, and expert advice.

Mark Elbaum Vice President Information Systems
Sunburst Hospitality

A Partner We Can Count On

Everyone at TeleStrategy is always available to help when asked. You are always looking for ways to help us improve our data and voice services and help us reduce costs. With TeleStrategy, our IT team doesn’t have to worry about working through the intricacies with voice and data vendors. The biggest benefit is having a partner that we can count on to find and work through the best solutions. I am constantly amazed and “WOWed” at the value and level of service having TeleStrategy as a partner.

Linwood Mishler Director, Enterprise Information Technology (EIT) Operations
SGT, Inc.

The Biggest Benefit is Consolidation of Costs & Support on Outages

It is well worth the extra cost to know that TeleStrategy is managing it all and we have someone to call who jumps right on it when things go wrong. The biggest benefit we have received is the consolidation of our telco spend and support during our telecom provider outages.

Lewis Waters COO

Trusted Advisor & Great Solutions Who Looks Out for Our Best Interests

You and your team are true partners. I can depend on you for rapid, conscientious and reliable service. The biggest benefit I get is your “adoption” of us as part of your TeleStrategy family. You work hard to understand us. In addition to giving us the services we contracted for, I depend on your knowledge and advice. When faced with hard problems, your team has a knack for coming up with great solutions we never even considered. I enjoy our regular tag-ups to go over our plans and your suggestions for how your team can be of help. You already do. I have never had a vendor that I trust as much to look out for my best interest.

Neal Guernsey Enterprise Information Officer / CIO
SGT, Inc.

Peace of Mind, Peace of Mind, Peace of Mind and Good Prices

Traditional dealings with telecom carriers are inefficient, long waits on phones, upsells, just unpleasant. TeleStrategy has been a firewall and proxy that removes all of those painful interactions from business as usual. You proactively, but non-intrusively, alert me to contract, service, etc. changes with more than adequate time. Then when I don’t provide a response timely, rather than the “well, I told you so” TeleStrategy will continue to reach out to get the job done according to my timeline, even when I am standing in the way. The biggest benefits we have received working with TeleStrategy are peace of mind, peace of mind, peace of mind and good prices.

Austin Ayers Director of IT Operations
Anybill Financial Services

Saved Us Considerable Amount of Money & Countless Overhead Hours

Christine & her team have been an invaluable partner to us for years. While she has saved us a considerable amount of money on our telecommunications spend, what I really love about Christine is that she has saved me countless overhead hours over the years, freeing me to focus my time on strategies and initiatives that are far more impactful to our top line. Christine embodies all of the qualities I look for in a strategic IT partner.

Dwayne Sye CIO
Cvent, Inc.

You Immediately Recognized the Carrier Problem and Got It Resolved Quickly

Your knowledge and experience of the telecom industry and vendors proves beneficial to clients like SSS. Without it companies like ours and smaller companies would waste time and money on solutions that may not be the best fit. The “WOW” experience is there; an example of that is your being onsite during our phone cutover to EvolveIP. Who would have expected SSS and a partner company to have direct calling problems between each of them due to being on the same carrier. You immediately recognized what was causing the problem and got it resolved quickly.

Jason Moffitt Systems Engineer
Social & Scientific Systems

Huge Value to Our Corporate IT Team

We are a small IT team supporting a complex global organization with high-end technical needs and challenges. TeleStrategy helps us by doing all of the upfront legwork, vendor/order management, and support ticket follow-up. We benefit tremendously during all 3 telecom phases; during vendor selection – TeleStrategy provides multiple options allowing us to make the best decisions for the business; once orders are signed – TeleStrategy keeps in contact with the vendors to verify dates so that ECI sources are scheduled properly; and when issues arise with services – TeleStrategy escalates our tickets with the vendors and stays on them until the issues are resolved. Each of these has a huge value to our corporate support team. And I cannot recall ever feeling like we were waiting on TeleStrategy when it comes to any of our initiatives. Always very timely and meeting or exceeding our expectations.

Thomas Gerrity SVP of Information Technology
eCommerce Industries, Inc.
ECi Software Solutions

Extremely Helpful in the Evaluation, Implementation, and Support of our new Hosted VoIP Service

I’ve been working at Social & Scientific Systems for 2 years and in the time have had a phone system transfer and other telecommunication tasks. TeleStrategy personnel have been extremely helpful in the evaluation, implementation, and support of our new Hosted VoIP phone system and have assisted in other areas as well. They are always quick to respond to requests and take have been very proactive in their support of our organization. The breadth of experience TeleStrategy brings to the table is extremely beneficial to our organization. Since we do not perform telecommunication system implementations often it’s essential to have people with the understanding of the many nuances of working with system vendors and telecom providers to ensure projects run smoothly and timelines are met. They also bring great value when working with vendors in that they have a greater understanding of the service offering and can assist in negotiating the best deal. During our implementation of the EvolveIP phone system at SSS, TeleStrategy personnel were on-site and were able to deal with an issue that SSS would have had a hard time doing internally. Having that type of experience on-hand was very valuable and made our implementation a success. I’m also continually surprised at how responsive and proactive TeleStrategy is. Issues we have with vendors are handled efficiently and professionally.    

Richard Monforti Manager, Information Technology
Social & Scientific Systems