Buyer Beware! Saving money on your phone bill should NOT be your only criteria when considering VoIP service!

If you’re looking to purchase a new phone system, you’re about to make a very important decision that, if mishandled, may not only cause you to waste a lot of time and money, but also can frustrate your clients, potential clients and employees with dropped calls, poor sound quality and a host of other communication problems.

Thanks to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and ever-improving cloud technologies, the options available to you as a business are plentiful, with more features at a lower cost than were available the last time you went shopping for a phone system or telecom services.

However, with all the options and dozens of vendors, separating the good from the bad and navigating the marketing hype can be difficult. Not only are some VoIP services a complete waste of money for a business environment, but fees can be “hidden,” so what appears to be a big cost-saving decision (initially) can end up costing you more in the long run once you’ve calculated in ALL costs over a 1 to 5 year period.

Additionally, if not designed, implemented and supported properly, VoIP phone services can be extremely problematic and can be MORE expensive than a traditional phone system, depending on your specific situation.

TeleStrategy has helped many, many companies in the mid-Atlantic region evaluate and successfully implement premise based and hosted VoIP systems. Our team has completed over 600+ VoIP projects, over 200+ implementations, 10,000+ seats, and assisted clients in deploying 14 different providers. We evaluated over 80 hosted VoIP providers and asked each 130 questions before determining which could even be considered as providers for our enterprise clients. Along the way learned the inside secrets of what makes a great deployment and what can cause a disaster.

Knowing what we know can save you thousands of man hours, thousands in unnecessary costs and save you lots of pain and suffering.

Call us today to get simple, straightforward answers to all of your VoIP questions.